Grading Services for a Level Foundation

Person holding clipboard and pencil

Project Assessment

When you opt to work with J.R. Ferche, we take the time to assess the overall jobsite and total scope of work before any dirt is even moved. As a professional construction excavation company specializing in sitework, we always keep a keen eye on the finish grade tolerance, compaction requirements, and soil conditions.

construction staff on a radio in front of an excavator

Knowledgable Staff

A quality grade will save on wear and tear in the long run, and J.R. Ferche knows this. That is why we use experienced, skilled operators who not only understand grading but also how to handle the material. Whether it’s placement, processing, material moisture, or slope, J.R. Ferche has the knowledge to complete the project right.

Construction workers next to heavy equipment

Latest Technology

The latest technology on our equipment gives us the machine features and grade control systems we need to complete your job quickly and efficiently. Together with GPS and laser control systems, we have everything to make even the finest grade. Here at J.R. Ferche, we understand the importance of keeping up with industry advances and continue to update and improve our equipment regularly.