Sitework Services to Conquer Your Tough Project

Sitework Capabilities

At J.R. Ferche, our excavating and site preparation services include more than just digging and moving dirt. Our true advantage is our ability to customize any project to fit your needs. Whether your building-site project involves deep digging or mass excavation of a large area, our vast experience paired with our total GPS-integrated equipment makes us the perfect match for any sized job.

We handle the tough projects

It’s more than just a saying. It’s inherent in our daily operations.

From difficult-to-access jobsites and tight working areas, to tough soils and zero tolerance grades, we’ve successfully handled it all. Whether we’re providing earthmoving for municipal roads, site preparation for a large commercial development, or sitework for a smaller residential project, you can be assured that if the J.R. Ferche name is going to be associated with it, that the work will be done right the first time.

excavating equipment

J.R. Ferche truly provides more precise grading and increased efficiency than other contractors in the area.

With advanced GPS-driven precision, a well-maintained equipment fleet, and experienced operators keeping the project on schedule.